[AMRadio] supply wiring a BC rig

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Thu May 10 06:46:41 EDT 2007

Chuck's right when it comes to AC supply to a BC rig.

Many of the kilowatt daytimers are in residential
settings, sometimes in a former consumer's home that
does not have industrial-grade wiring.

I worked at a 1000 watt daytimer on 900Kc located in a
flood plain. Hurricane Agnes came through and swamped
the transmitter and station house. Insurance paid
cash, and magically the crack engineering team
"restored" the flooded transmitter to use as a spare. 

They cut a hole in an upstairs wall (above high tide)
and used a forklift to convey the transmitter into the
hole.  Trouble was, they did not fortify the wiring,
which already was marginal. Carrier shift on heavy
modulation was severe, but it kept us on the air when

The transmitter was a BC-1H, and we were running a
trio of dbx 160 for audio processing, using a Crown
splitter to give us independent bass, midrange and
treble compression. This was under the old NRSC curve
too, not the pre-emphasized, rolled off crap you hear

The modulation index was high on a format called
"progressive" then an Album-Oriented Rock.

I still have some aircheck recordings and you know,
music on AM can sound pretty doggone good, even with
the carrier shift. I used to put the Gates on there
just to give it a run and watch the 833A's all lit up,
much prettier than the primary, a CCA AM1000D we had
downstairs with a little tiny screen-covered hole to
peer through to observe tube color.


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