[AMRadio] New Flex Radio SDR-1000 & Accessories - Never Used For

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Fri May 11 14:28:17 EDT 2007

Have a new, still in the box, SDR-1000 from Flex Radio Systems. I already
have one running the HF stuff and bought this second one at Dayton in
2006 for all the VHF/UHF work. Turns out that with the SDR-1000, and the
continual improvements and enhancements to the software, only one
SDR-1000 was necessary for both HF and the VHF/UHF work. Finally opened
the SDR -1000 carton on April 25, 2007, just to confirm the unit was in
there. None of the accessories purchased at the same time have had
theirboxes, bags, or bubble wrapped opened or removed.

Included in the sale:

SDR-1000 HF/6 M 100 watt Transceiver
Automatic Antenna Unit (ATU)
Note: the ATU has to be installed in the SDR-1000
Presonus FIREBOX 24-bit External Sound Card
Shuttle Pro V2 Multimedia Rig Controller
Audio/Interface Cables & Assorted Connector Kit
1 Year Warranty (directly from Flex) on the SDR-1000 to the new owner

$1800.00 plus shipping and insurance
Cash, check, money order, or Paypal (if you're willing to pay their fee)

It should be noted that the current software (PowerSDR V1.8.0) requires
at least a 1 GHz Pentium or better computer. 256 MB of memory is the
minimum requirement for the computer; 512 MB or better is recommended.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss it further, please give
me a call at (732) 238-8964. E-mails are also fine. I have two vendor
spaces at Dayton, if someone is interested in the purchase and would like
to pick it up there and save on shipping.

NOTE: Since the reflector is text based, if you would like to see
pictures of all the items in full color, go here:

Pete, wa2cwa

Additional Information:
SDR-1000 Data Fact Sheet:

Automatic Tuning Unit:
160-10 Meters

Presonus FIREBOX

Shuttle Pro V2 Multimedia Rig Controller:
The ShuttlePro V2 is the ultimate input device for rig control and
tuning. Its sleek ergonomic design provides single-hand access to 15
fully programmable buttons plus two concentric tuning/control knobs. Nine
(9) of the buttons have removable keycaps for easy labeling and
referencing. It is simple to program PowerSDR mouse and keyboard
functions into the ShuttlePro to control the most used radio functions,
such as VFO tuning, RIT, filter width, mode, CW speed, etc.
Configurations for different modes of operation may be saved, restored,
and shared with other users.

Audio/Interface Cables & Assorted Connector Kit:
This cable/connector set contains everything you need to connect the
soundcard to the SDR-1000. The interface cable between your PC and the
SDR-1000 is included. Assorted connectors for mike and other interfaces
are also included.

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