[AMRadio] Relay K5 in BC-1T

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Sun May 13 16:14:07 EDT 2007

'he current owner of the BC-1T I'm getting discovered that the plug-in
reply K5 was missing.  He was pretty concerned about not telling me
about it before, however I laughed and told him that if he had just
now discovered the 4 833's were missing, I might not be laughing.

He said it appeared to be bypassed, so I looked at the schematic I've
got, which is a little hard for me to see since my close vision in not
so good, plus the copy is not real clear.  Appears to me that K5
heaters are energized by K1 and in turn K5 will close and allow (some)
output of the LV power supplies.  I suspect this is due to letting the
filaments on some of the LV tubes to light prior to plate voltage
being supplied to them, 30 seconds best I can tell.

I''d like to get K5 if I can find a replacement, don't know the type
yet, however it appears to be an octal plug-in.

I've got other rigs that supply both LV and filament voltage as soon
as they are turn on, however I wonder if anyone has some ideas of why
I would really need K5 in the Gates, that is until I can find suitable

Brian / wa5am

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