[AMRadio] Relay K5 in BC-1T

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun May 13 16:49:52 EDT 2007


I noticed in the manual K5 is listed as a 600 volt Time Delay Relay if that
helps.  My old eyes aren't that good either and I have yet to find it in the
schematic or pictorials.  My copy is not that good and the pictures are hard
to make out.


...Appears to me that K5 heaters are energized by K1 and in turn K5 will
close and allow (some)
output of the LV power supplies.  I suspect this is due to letting the
filaments on some of the LV tubes to light prior to plate voltage
being supplied to them, 30 seconds best I can tell.
Brian / wa5am

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