[AMRadio] Globe Champion 350 & HQ-170A

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun May 13 17:57:08 EDT 2007


The AX 9909s are hard to find and some people tell me they 
don't last very long.  That I can't attest to since my Globe 
Champ has 8643s in the final.

The article on how to make the change from AX 9909s is in ER 
some time back.  If you need it, I can scan and email to 
you.  The article converts the AX 9909s to 5894s, which work 
just fine.

I made the conversion with 5894s and switched to 8643 since 
it has a higher plate voltage rating than the 5894.  There 
are other tubes that can be used, but I have never seen 

If I can help, email direct and I will give you any 
information I have.



> If all goes well and I can get enough space cleared, I'm 
> going to set up my Dad's (W5JHJ) Globe Champion 350 and 
> Hammarlund HQ-170A in my shack, alongside my TenTec Orion 
> II.  It has the original AX9909 finals and my Dad is the 
> original owner (purchased in 1959!).

> I seldom see HQ-170As appear for sale and I can't think of 
> the last time I saw a Globe Champ 350 for sale, so I have 
> no idea what its value is; I'm guessing not much. Whatever 
> it is, I assume it's higher with the AX9909's. Still, I've 
> also seen some ideas about replacing the AX9909's with a 
> pair of 4-65's. I can't however, find those posts anymore. 
> Since the AX9909's are made of unobtainium, if they quit 
> and the spares have a problem, I'll have to perform this 
> mod. Are 4-65's more common? And, does anyone know the 
> details of that mod? If not the 4-65, what would I use?
> Kim Elmore, N5OP

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