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Mon May 21 11:04:02 EDT 2007

Hi Todd,

That woman with the SX-88 was there 2 years ago.  All her stuff was way 
overpriced. Whoever was advising her as to value was way out in left field 
somewhere.  Many prices exceeded auction site prices by a good bit and much of the 
gear was filthy. I didn't even make any offers on the stuff.

A similar thing happened with a local estate of a noted local collector 
several years ago.  The only exception being that the gear in this case was mostly 
pristine and much had been restored. The XYL had been advised as to prices by 
well meaning friends. These too, were on the high side, and then she added 
"coded" prices to the tags to see if she could realize even more.  The result was 
that she carted the stuff around to local hamfests for several years before 
it was all gone.

I can't fault folks for trying to get the most they can for an item, but in 
these cases, the prices asked were way out of line. You can either sell it at a 
reasonable price and get rid of it fast ot haul it all over the country for 
years and still have lots left over. In the Dayton case, I shudder to think 
what she had to pay for truck rental and gas to haul all that junk from Virginia 
Beach and she hauled most of it back again. 

Nice meeting you at Dayton.


John,  W4AWM

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