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Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Mon May 21 18:20:13 EDT 2007

Well, I did get some pictures.  But, I need to go see Brett/N2DTS before 
long.  At least, I owe him a phone call, since I'm -only- about 4 miles 
from his house :-)

I saw some great gear.  I saw a Ranger for $1500, which, *I* thought, 
wasn't that great, but it had the look of a W3HM restoration job.  I did 
see a truck there, with comm gear running in the back.  Was probably you 
guys, and that wasn't a bad location.  I also found (once) the Antique 
Wireless guys, and saw a box of 450TH/L's and other strange looking 
tubes.  Wanted to go back and find it again, but never did find that 
place, again.

I was -almost- tempted to pick up the Viking II CDC transmitter that was 
there.  On Saturday, the price was down from$300 to $100.  If it hadn't 
sold by Sunday morning, I would have been more than tempted.  As it was, 
I had a more pressing item in which I -had- to spend money on.  That 
also curtailed my finding a hotel Friday evening, as in order to protect 
what I had, I had to sleep in the car, which I did... from 4 to 5:30am, 
Friday.  (*yawn*)

See, on the way to Dayton, from Northern MO, an 18-wheeler truck and I 
passed each other going the opposite way on a 2-lane hiway (36). The 
resulting mini-tornado (the only thing it could have been) whipped the 
tri-magnet mag-mount w/75m ham-stick antenna on it, OFF of the top of my 
Honda CRX, and when the force of the air, going around 65mph blew it 
backward, when it hit the end of the coax, it came straight down. 

*WHAMP!* *CRASH!*  *BOOM!*  TINKLE, Tinkle, tinkle... 

I'm ducking, looking for something to cover with, because I thought I'd 
been shot.  Knocked the back glass smooth out!  Glass shards were found 
up on the dash, even!  No blood on me, after I stopped and took 
inventory... I got lucky.  Interestingly enough, it did -not- budge the 
dual-band V/UHF mag-mounted antenna.  Go figure.

Do you guys know how hard it is to find a back hatch glass for a 91 
CRX?  It wasn't until I got to New Jersey before I found one, and had it 
installed, and I *garuntee* you it wasn't for the $900+ quote I got from 
a glass place in Indianapolis.  *snort!*

Now, off to Home Depot to get my $61+tax back for a 33"x48" sheet of Lexan!

73 = Best Regards,
-Geoff/W5OMR (/m2 New Jersey)

(never a dull moment in my life. 
I used to think I was a victim of circumstances...
now I realize, I'm a product of my society! ;->)

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