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Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon May 21 22:46:35 EDT 2007

Geoff stopped by, and got on 80 meters with the big rig.
A good time was had by all!


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> Well, I did get some pictures.  But, I need to go see 
> Brett/N2DTS before 
> long.  At least, I owe him a phone call, since I'm -only- 
> about 4 miles 
> from his house :-)
> I saw some great gear.  I saw a Ranger for $1500, which, *I* thought, 
> wasn't that great, but it had the look of a W3HM restoration 
> job.  I did 
> see a truck there, with comm gear running in the back.  Was 
> probably you 
> guys, and that wasn't a bad location.  I also found (once) 
> the Antique 
> Wireless guys, and saw a box of 450TH/L's and other strange looking 
> tubes.  Wanted to go back and find it again, but never did find that 
> place, again.
> I was -almost- tempted to pick up the Viking II CDC 
> transmitter that was 
> there.  On Saturday, the price was down from$300 to $100.  If 
> it hadn't 
> sold by Sunday morning, I would have been more than tempted.  
> As it was, 
> I had a more pressing item in which I -had- to spend money on.  That 
> also curtailed my finding a hotel Friday evening, as in order 
> to protect 
> what I had, I had to sleep in the car, which I did... from 4 
> to 5:30am, 
> Friday.  (*yawn*)
> See, on the way to Dayton, from Northern MO, an 18-wheeler 
> truck and I 
> passed each other going the opposite way on a 2-lane hiway (36). The 
> resulting mini-tornado (the only thing it could have been) 
> whipped the 
> tri-magnet mag-mount w/75m ham-stick antenna on it, OFF of 
> the top of my 
> Honda CRX, and when the force of the air, going around 65mph blew it 
> backward, when it hit the end of the coax, it came straight down. 
> *WHAMP!* *CRASH!*  *BOOM!*  TINKLE, Tinkle, tinkle... 
> I'm ducking, looking for something to cover with, because I 
> thought I'd 
> been shot.  Knocked the back glass smooth out!  Glass shards 
> were found 
> up on the dash, even!  No blood on me, after I stopped and took 
> inventory... I got lucky.  Interestingly enough, it did -not- 
> budge the 
> dual-band V/UHF mag-mounted antenna.  Go figure.
> Do you guys know how hard it is to find a back hatch glass for a 91 
> CRX?  It wasn't until I got to New Jersey before I found one, 
> and had it 
> installed, and I *garuntee* you it wasn't for the $900+ quote 
> I got from 
> a glass place in Indianapolis.  *snort!*
> Now, off to Home Depot to get my $61+tax back for a 33"x48" 
> sheet of Lexan!
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR (/m2 New Jersey)
> (never a dull moment in my life. 
> I used to think I was a victim of circumstances...
> now I realize, I'm a product of my society! ;->)
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