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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 05:09:27 EDT 2007

Here's a scary thought:
>all excited and showed me a picture of Paul,

Geoff, Brian, daggone sorry I missed meeting up with
you. I was traveling with John / W3JN and Steve /
WB3HUZ at their traditional fleamarket slots right off
the arena's outdoor hamburger grill near Mendelsohn's
surplus tents.

I posted a series of pictures while we were out there,
the motel had wi-fi. Bill KA8WTK now also has posted
some. The thread began last week.

Also shot some video to make a production some day.
Here's a small snippet showing the fleamarket. 1.6Mb,
MP4, compatible with QuickTime 6


Hope you guys will post or send some shots too and we
can make a collective scrapbook.

John, AWM, the people from Virginia Beach with all
that old gear were selling the collection of his
father, not hers. I spoke with him for a while since I
grew up in that town. He said the OM would get a rig
with something wrong with it, fix it, and put it up on
the shelf. The process spanned 50 years. 

I don't know what motivated their pricing strategy,
but the OM was thrifty and I bet that figures into the
son's monetary perspective of "not gonna give it

On the $1500 Ranger, yes, it's pictured in the same
thread. That's a panel re-done by Dee W4PNT, somewhat
famous, and the job cost $500 itself said the seller,
W0YVA, Bob, who lives in the Va suburbs south of DC
and  runs the East Coast round of First Wednesday AM
Night on 3880Kc.


If anyone has some shots they want posted over there
just email them to me.


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