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Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue May 22 08:01:25 EDT 2007

VJB wrote:
> Here's a scary thought:
>> got all excited and showed me a picture of Paul,

I don't think it was meant to be -that- kind of excitement, Paul ;-)  
Moreover, the realization that there was another AM'er there, that knew 
some of the same AM'ers he knew.  It was the 'mutual' thing.;-)

> Geoff, Brian, daggone sorry I missed meeting up with you. 

Brian, did you go?

> I was traveling with John / W3JN and Steve / WB3HUZ at their traditional fleamarket slots right off the arena's outdoor hamburger grill near Mendelsohn's surplus tents.

If you were by Mendelsohn's, I must have walked past y'all at least a 
dozen times.  Half the day without identification, and with a callsign 
shirt after 9:30 and then had a callsign hat after 9:45am, Saturday.

> John, AWM, the people from Virginia Beach with all that old gear were selling the collection of his father, not hers. 

That was the guy who had three 75A-4's side by side, with $1300 ea on 
the price tag?

Don't get me wrong, John... there are collectors out there, that value 
that stuff and don't mind plopping down that kind of coin.  I'm just not 
one of them.

Paul, I've got pictures of all of it, including the military guys.  
Later on, I'll plug my laptop into the cable, and get on-line with it, 
and put them somewhere, Paul and Brian, and you can add them to the 

There was another... uhm... 'interesting site' out there.. butt... it'll 
be included in the round-up :-)

I *DID* see a callsign on a hat, that said HUZ... turned out to be 
KB8HUZ, whereupon he said "You mean there's ANOTHER "Huge Ugly Zebra" 
out there?  ;-)

You guys remember Jack in Ann Arbor, MI/W8AHB?  There was a guy running 
around up there, about the same age, who lived about 30 miles from Ann 
Arbor, with the callsign of W8AHC, yet he didn't know Jack/8AHB.  Small 
world, no?

As you'll see from the pictures (when I get them to Paul/Brian) there 
was LOTS of AM stuff there, and some BIG IRON, as well.  Didn't see any 
broadcast transmitters, but certainly saw enough parts to build several!

One last note, on the visit to Brett/N2DTS' shack.... we were on 3.885, 
talking with some of the local guys, and then a W2??H, in Cherry Hill, 
NJ (across the street, practically) moved us down to 3.880 and turns out 
it was someone that Brett knew from 25 years ago.   Then Jay/W3JWW(?) 
broke in, but we were on the way out, anyway.  GREAT signals from 
everyone.  Brett's got it going on, with the station!

73 = Best Regards,
-Geoff/W5OMR (/m2 New Joisey)

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