[AMRadio] RE: Dayton

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed May 23 08:21:20 EDT 2007

It would not be a problem getting on, I don't get on
much because I have lots of other things to do in the summer,
and don't like to push things to much with the people 
close to the house, and the XYL often is using the VCR 
which gets wiped out then I use some frequencies.
I don't seem to get into my phones or the TV by itself.

Since I changed the antenna around to the G5RV, I am not
sure how much interference I cause.

I need to buy a CB antenna for 10 meters, I have a
galaxy 10 meter rig (designed for CB) that does
AM, fm, ssb at 20 watts or more, plus the 32V3
goes up there, and the big rig could operate there as well.

But the G5RV through the heathkit tuner would likely
be the last straw for the tuner with the big rig!

I should stick up a 10 or 11 meter vertical on the chimney.

Geoff, if you have any use for the galaxy and 11 meter
mag mount, you can use/have them.



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> Sorry, Todd... no, I wasn't planning on going back over to Brett's 
> place, last night.
> Besides, he's like me - has Neighbors, and doesn't like to 
> get on during 
> the evening hours, during the week, during "prime-time".  I can 
> understand and respect that.  ONCE, for a visit from a 
> traveling ham, is 
> one thing.  Two days in a row is (to me) imposing, unless 
> emphatically 
> re-invited.
> Brett's cool, and probably would have said 'yes', if I asked him, but 
> didn't want him to feel uncomfortable in his own 
> neighborhood, simply to 
> full-fill my selfish needs for exposure to RF :-)
> I *will* have the newly acquired 10m mag mount on the car, 
> and will be 
> monitoring 10m AM (29Mc) today, for my trip from Southern NJ 
> to Central 
> Long Island, NY (and back).
> I'll be on the air in about a half-hour.
> Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I -did- get the back hatch glass 
> replaced in the Honda, here in southern New Jersey, for a -lot- less 
> than what the commercial places were asking (let's try like 
> $800 *less*!)
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR (/m2 Joisey)
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