[AMRadio] Last Plea for Capacitor

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Send me a picture...............

73 de W4MIL

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Okay guys... I have run full circle with this A2 L mica capacitor.  For
those who may have missed the first go around, I am looking for a .0001 
at 2500 wvdc capacitor.  It must be a Type A2 L, which is a mica
transmitting capacitor.  It is about 1.75 inches long by 1.25 inches 
and a little under .5 inch thick.  It has tapered ends and screw type
terminals for the mount and connections.  They are still being 
but the price of one new unit is unbelievably high.  I could possibly 
get by
with a .00015 or .0002, but would really like to stick with this value. 
can be the thicker version which handles more current, but all other
dimensions must be as stated.  Any help locating this will be greatly
appreciated.  I am offering cold, hard cash money!

Picture on request.


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