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Thu May 24 00:37:37 EDT 2007

>Bob KC4QLP used to be on this reflector. He's the guy I got the
>Raytheon RA-1000 from and is the engineer who maintained it. The
>transmitter came with a bunch (20+) 833s, a mix of manufacturers.
>Hopefully he's still here, and will chime in with his first hand
>experiences in broadcast service.

>~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
Todd.....you rrraaaannnggg? hahaha

In the broadcast service, I hated the Chinese version of the 833. The problem 
was that they never lasted all that long on 24/7 operations.....maybe 6 to 8 
months at best. I remember the last set of American made 833's that was able 
to get my hands on, those things lasted almost 4 years! In amateur use, the 
Chinese bottles will probably be ok.

Another thing is that I noticed in these old transmitters, using tubes with 
graphite plates. It took more current to drive them things in the modulator 
stages, but they worked wonderful in RF stages.

BTW...anyone got an LPB they want to get rid of for cheap?

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