[AMRadio] Three Globe Scout Deluxe xmtrs available

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri May 25 00:48:27 EDT 2007

I'll offer these here before listing on that Big Not-To-Be-Named Auction 
Site. I'd much rather keep them 'in the family' so to speak.

   I have three WRL Globe Scout Deluxe AM Transmitters, 80-6M, crystal or 
external VFO, single 6146, etc etc.

   Two of them have *consecutive serial numbers* - these two work equally 
well with the same exception, described in a bit. The third unit is mostly 
tubeless, very grungy, and good for Parts.

   The Good Pair have been tested with an 80M xtal installed and both are 
producing power and good-looking modulation. One of them has good chrome 
and case, as well as shiny aluminum knobs. The other has good chrome/case, 
but the knobs need to be buffed out and polished - they are lightly 
oxidised.  The 'parts rig' knobs are hideous, but I imagine they'd clean 
up with a bit of work and maybe some Maguire's aluminum wheel cleaner.

   Both of the working pair do not Load properly - the Load control has 
little effect. The plate dips and there is plenty of drive, and the units 
are making about 50-60W. Both tend to flash over in the final compartment 
if not dead on tune.  One unit worked 'normally' for about 10 minutes, 
then the plate tune variable cap flashed all by itself, and from then on 
it, too, exhibits the 'loading' problem. One rig has had the rectifier 
relaced with diodes via an old tube base - you can simply remove them and 
install the proper Hollow State rectifier if you wish. The other is all 

   These three units are for sale together, and I will not split them up - 
the good pair due to the provenance of the serial numbers, plus I don't 
need a broken Globe Scout lying on the shelf with all the other Project 
Radios...  so my intial offer is: $250 (100 each, and 50 for the parts 
rig) for all three, and I will professionally pack and ship anywhere. I 
gladly take PayPal, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks or good old Cash... 
no personal checks or 'certified' checks, please. Shipping from Carson 
City, NV.

   For more info, pictures, reasonable counter-offers, etc - please reply 
to me PRIVATELY, not to the List.

   Again - please edit your "Reply-To:" so that jpl15 at panix.com appears, 
and do not CC: the list. Everybody already read this once....  ;}



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