[AMRadio] FS: N3RHT Homebrewer Parts Box-Lot Sale, 1 of 3

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 09:47:42 EDT 2007

List 1 of 3 Dated May 26, 2007.

N3RHT Homebrewer Parts Box-Lot Sale. Make an offer for
several boxes or all. Box sizes vary but are generally
about twice the size of a shoebox, unless noted
otherwise.  Most boxes are full. Pictures of each box
can be made available to serious buyers. Shipping cost

There is no junk here. Some of this stuff is NOS, some
of it is boxed in the original box. But even the used
stuff is clean and hand-picked to be the most useful
and worth saving for re-use. For example, 95% of the
electrolyic caps are rated 350V or higher, there are
no oil-filled caps below 1000V, meters all appear to
be good with no cracks or problems, and so forth.

Receiving Tubes are also available, but not included
in this list. Please ask.


Radio Connectors, all types, large shoe box full $30
Large Cinch connectors, shoe box full $20
Small Cinch connectors, shoe box half full $20
Caps, Small Padding and Trimmers, 2 shoe boxes full
Time Delay Relays, box of 5 or 6 $20
Hi-wattage, small body resistors, mostly wire-wound,
box full $20
Huge Resistors, 3 boxes full, mostly wire-wound, some
adjustable $20 each box
Torroids and Cores $20
Receiving Tube Sockets of all types EXCEPT OCTAL,
200+, half NOS, half clean used, 
    many ceramic. Large box. $65
Meters, Four Large Boxes Full $25 each
Electrolytic capcaitors, all higher voltages, many
multi-section cans, half NOS, rest clean. 
    3 large boxes full. $100 each
Oil-filled Caps, over 1000V, 2 large boxes $45 each
RF Caps, Mostly Micas, Most used surplus, some NOSB.
Other RF parts, HV connectors, wire. $40
Rotary Switches $10
Toggle Switches $10
Relays, 3 Boxes Full, all useful types, no junk. $20
Pilot Lamps, all NOSB, many types, box full,  (ask for
list). $30
Potentiometers, Half NOSB, 3 Boxes Full. $30 each
Wire On Spools, with spool racks, 2 Boxes, coil
Winding and Hookup, enamel & plastic insul. $25 each
DCC Wire On Spools In Several Sizes, box full. $65
Radio Knobs, mostly communication receiver-type, all
sizes and styles, many matching, some NOS in 
     packaging, no TV junk. $30
Radio knobs, mostly all communication receiver and
transmitter types, sorted by matching design,
    quantity of each design varies, Raytheon, RCA,
National, military, many Bud and similar. 
    2 large boxes. $35 each box
Dials and Vernier dials, National, Millen, EF Johnson,
Coto, all the best stuff for homebrewers,
    And communications styles, some NOS, most used and
clean, some lever knobs with dial plates (like the 
    early ‘30’s transmitters),  Crowe steering wheels,
etc. large box and small box. $210/all

Contact N3RHT at yahoo.com.

Thanks for looking. No e-mail replies until
tomorrow--I am out today.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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