[AMRadio] FS: N3RHT Receiving Tubes Box Lot Sale, 2 of 3

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 09:48:53 EDT 2007

List 2 of 3 Dated May 26, 2007.

N3RHT Receiving Tubes Box Lot Sale. Make an offer for
several boxes or all. Each box is about 18 inches wide
and 15 inches deep and 5 inches high. Most boxes are
full. Pictures of each box can be made available to
serious buyers. Shipping cost additional.

These tubes are for sale in box-lots only. One box
holds at least 100 tubes, unless noted otherwise. They
are about 80% used and 20% NOS. Most tubes are in
individual boxes. Each box lot is generally sorted by
filament voltage and base configuration. About 50% of
these tubes are tested good, the rest are believed to
be good, useable spares. There is no junk here--no TV
tubes and no useless compactrons, etc. 

Homebrewer parts are not included in this list. Please


1, 2, 3, 5U4ST (1V, 2V, and 3V tubes, octal and
miniature, plus some 5U4 ST-shaped rectifiers) $40
5V Rectifiers of all types except U, all octals I
think $45
5U4 Rectifiers, box of about 50 $40
6V Glass Octal $40
6V Metal Octal $40
6V Miniature, Sorted (commonly required miniatures
6AU6, 6AH6, 6BE6, 6C4, etc., most unboxed) $35
6A-6B Miniatures, box of 100 tubes $40
6C-6G Miniatures, box of 100 tubes $30
6V and 12V Miscellaneous Miniatures, box of about 75
tubes $35
6SN7, 6BG6, small box $25
12V Glass Octal $40
12A-12B Miniatures, box of 100 tubes $40
42 + 2A5, small box $30
80-81-82-83-84-85 Rectifiers, box 1/2 full $40
VR Tubes, Octal and Miniature, all types $30
5000-6000-7000 Miniature Tubes, box of about 50 $25
Box One of Unsorted Tubes, all useful radio types,
most boxed, about 50 $30
Box Two of Unsorted Tubes, all useful radio types,
most boxed, about 50 $30

Contact n3rht at yahoo.com.

Thanks for looking. No e-mail replies until
tomorrow--I am out.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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