[AMRadio] FS: N3RHT Quality Homebrewing Parts Sale, 3 of 3

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 09:49:58 EDT 2007

List 3 of 3 Dated May 26, 2007.

N3RHT Top-Quality Homebrew and Repair Parts. Pictures
can be made made available to serious buyers. Shipping
cost additional.

There is no junk here. Some of this stuff is NOS, some
of it is boxed in the original box. But even the used
stuff is clean and hand-picked to be the most useful
and worth saving for re-use. 

Receiving Tubes and  Box-Lot Parts are also available,
but not included in this list. Please ask.

RF Chokes $170 for a lifetime supply, as follows
(mostly NOS):
4	R33	10uh
3	R33	50uh
4	R33	100uh
2	R60	2uh
1	R60	2uh	1500ma
4	R60	4uh
3	R100	2.5mh, 125ma	(2 of these may not be made by
National) Axial leads.
1	R100S	2.5mh, 125ma, vertical screw mount.
1	R154U
1	R175, new 
4	R300U JAN (Mil Surplus, NOS)
6	2.5uh	0.125A
K. E. Electronics RFC-1 RF Plate Choke 90uh, 800ma.,
4000V max., Q160 at 3.5mhz
B&W	F.C.-15A Filament Choke
Bud	4608
Bud CH1285 60mh Magicore Shielded RF Choke, NOSB
Bud CH1286
Bud CH1287 12.5mh RF Choke
6 Bud CH1287 12.5mh Magicore Shielded RF Choke, NOSB

Z0	(3)
Z1	(4)
Z7	(2) NOSB
Z14	(1)
Z28	(5)

Meissner 2.8mh 1000ma (1 amp) NOSB (Located on new
parts shelf in radio room)
Meissner 19-6846 80mh Ferrocart RF Choke, NOSB
Meissner 19-5596 80 MH RF Choke NOSB

Millen 3403 2.5mh RF Choke, NOSB
Millen 34926 250ma RF Choke

10	2.5MH PI-WOUND CHOKES (from Dan’s small
parts--$1.50 each)

1	E.F. Johnson 102-752 largeish transmitting choke,

Several small boxes of unknown used RF chokes
2 Used Filament chokes (unknown)

Orange Drop Capacitors, complete servicing assortment
from .1 MFD @1000V to .00001MFD @200-600V. This lot of
approximately 275 caps is in 3 parts cabinets, all
neatly labeled and ready to use. Many of most values
and more than a few of all. $165/all

Capacitors: Disc Ceramic and silver mica, complete
servicing assortment from .5 pf through .000022mf in 3
cabinets, all neatly labeled and ready to use. All
NOS. Many still in packaging. I estimate there are
6-800 caps here. $230/all


Lot of I.F., DET., OSC., RF Receiving Coils listed
below. $100/all

Admiral 	69A20	Osc coil, unknown value, in wrong box

Emerson	Osc coil in wrong box, value unknown

L.A. Coil Company
	O-13 		Universal Oscillator Coils w/ insrtruction
	BC-356	455kc miniature IF transformer for PC board

Meissner (NOSB unless noted otherwise)

	14-1010	Ant. Coil, STD, Unshielded
	14-1022	Ant coil, compact
	14-1026	Ant coil, adjustable
	14-1027	RF coil, adjustable
	14-1028	Osc. Coil, adjustable (2)
	14-1053	Osc coil, 456KC
	14-1073	Osc coil, adjustable
	14-1075	Osc coil, adjustable (3)
	14-4034	Osc coil, 456KC (2)
14-4243	No box
19-1000	1 uh, boxed
17-3487	10.7mc in and out, Detector Coil, FM Ratio,
boxed (2)
16-5700	175kc STD IF input (2)
16-5702	175kc IF output
16-5728	175kc IF input (2)
16-5730	175kc IF Output
16-6665	10.7mc IF
16-8091	1500kc IF input
16-6600	175kc IF Winding
16-6602	175kc IF winding
16-6603	456kc IF Winding
16-6651	175kc IF output
16-6658	455kc IF input (3)
16-6660	456kc IF output
16-6666	456kc IF input
16-6666	456kc IF input (made by Gramer—looks identical
to Meissner) boxed
16-6669	456kc Output coil
16-6758	456kc IF Transformer ¾”

	BC0352 455KC Min Input IF TF NOSB

	8903-B		455kc
	69046		Iron core tuned coil
6162	Coupling Transformer in RCA box

Motorola	24A76943	Unknown coil, NOSB

Olson	IFT-1		455kc	L-83

	A-110		Std RF Coil
	A-108		RF Coil
	B-134		Osc coil

Philco	39-316		Ant coil
	32-2557	Ant coil
	45-6365	Universal IF 175, 260, 465KC

Philmore 1909K 262kc Midget IF Transformer, NOSB

RCA	31549		Unknown value NOSB

	T1F12		455kc PC board type
	T1F11		455kc IF PC board type

Zenith	S-66627

JAN	small box of tiny tuned RF coils

12SA7 Osc coil ?? In wrong Box, unknown value

Unknown boxed IF coil (1)

FS: Lot of Coil Forms and Receiving Coils as listed
below. $140/all

New, Old Stock, In Original Boxes

1	E, F. Johnson 640 Hi-Q Ceramic form with 10M coil on
1	E, F. Johnson 641 Hi-Q Ceramic form with 10M coil on
1	E, F. Johnson 650 Hi-Q Ceramic form with 40M coil on
1	E, F. Johnson 654 Hi-Q Ceramic form with 10M coil on
8	Millen 45004 1 inch 4-pin coil forms
1	Hammarlund SWF-5 1.5 inch 5-pin form
1	National XR-4 1.5 inch 4-pin coil form
1	National XR-50 ½ inch Iron-Core form, adjustable
9	Insuline 1.75 inch Ceramic 5-pin coil forms, NOSB
1 	Insuline 2.2.5 inch plastic, 4-pin

Used Coil Forms

4 	Insuline 2.25 inich, 4-pin, NOS but no box.
2	Insuline 2.25 inch, 5-pin
1	Hammarlund 2.25 inch, 4-pin
8	Millen 1 inch, 4-pin
7	1.25 inch, 4-pin, mixed brands
8	1.25 inch, 5-pin, mixed brands
14	1.5 inch, 4-pin, Hammarlund, National and Bud
13	1.5 inch, 5-pin, Hammarlund, National and mixed
4	1.25 inch, 6-pin, mixed brands
5	1-9/16 inch, 6-pin, Insuline
1	1.75 inch insuline ceramic, five-pin
1 	1.75 inch Insuline ceramic, six pin
7	1.5 inch, 6-pin Hammarlund

Plus a group of 7 or 8 more used forms that I never

B&W TVL Transmittiong Coils. 80TVL, 40TVL, 20TVL,
10TVL, 500LCS/HCS 14 (20 METERS),  500LCS 6 (6 METERS)
plus 2 TVL Jackbars. $50/all

B&W TVH Transmitting Coils. 20TVH, 10TVH, TVH Jackbar,
TVH Link, Single Turn Link Coil and Link Coupling On
Ceramic Standoff. $25/all

B&W 10TL coil (New In Box). $10

B&W 80BL coil (Needs slight repair). $10

B&W BVL Transmitting Coils: 80BVL In Box, 20BVL In
Box, 20B In Box, 10BVL In Box. $35/all

Homebrew Coil fits B&W B-Mount, Marked “40M” $5
Homebrew Coil fits B&W B-Mount, Marked “20M” $5
Homebrew Coil fits B&W B-Mount, Marked “10-11-15M” $5

B&W B Jackbar, B Link Coil and B Jackbar w/Link
Coupler & Link Coil. $15

B&W JVL Coils: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters, most or all
NOSB. $50/set

B&W JEL Coils: 80, 20, 10, 6 Meters and extra 10 Meter
coil, most or all NOSB. $50/set

B&W JCL Coils: 80, 40, 20, 10 meters, most or all
NOSB. $50/set

B&W MCL Coils: 40, 20, 10 meters, most or all NOSB.

B&W MEL Coils: 40, 15 meters, used excellent. $20/pair

B&W C Coils: 20, 10 meters, used excellent. $20/pair

B&W Baby coils: 80C, 40C plus one 80C that might be
modified or homebrew. $20/all

National coils: Center Link: 40, 20, 10 meters, plus
80M center link with no base, End Link: 20, 10 meters
and National jackbar. $40

B&W Mini-Ductor Air-Dux coil stock assortment. Over 60
original B&W boxes of various mini-ductor stock from
the 3000-series, 3005 through 3907. 90% of it is the
small 1 inch stock. But some larger stock is also
included in this set. Some of this has been partly
used. But a lot of it is NOS. I will also throw in a
small lot of unboxed stock I have, some of it  used
but all good and useful. $75/all

Half-watt carbon comp resistor assortment. These are
all in 2x3 inch paper envelopes carefully marked with
their values. The envelopes are organized into 3 long
thin drawers that hold them upright, sorted from
lowest to highest value. There’s at least 250
envelopes here with multiple resistors in each one, so
I’m guessing over 1,000 resistors total--maybe as much
as 1,500. Values range from 3 ohms to 22 megohms. All
NOS. $125/all

Contact N3RHT at yahoo.com.

Thanks for looking. No e-mail replies until
tomorrow--I am out today.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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