[AMRadio] Re: Last Plea for Capacitor

Bob Deuel k2glo at jkasystems.com
Sat May 26 13:12:03 EDT 2007

I got excited when I found both a Sangamo 0.0001 and a .00015 Mfd. 2500 wdcv
type A2 capacitor in the parts bin. However when I tested both of them they
were both shorted. What a bummer!  I also found a  Cornell-Doublier type
9LSA  0.0001 Mfd. at 2500 wvdc that looks physically identical to the type
A2. The only difference I see is in the terminal/mounting sleeves. The A2
has a threaded sleeve for a 6-32 screw while the 9LSA has smooth bore sleeve
(unthreaded) with an i.d. that accepts a 6-32 screw. I tested it on my
military ZM-3A/U capacitor analyzer and it tested fine. If the 9LSA will
work in your application and you're interested in it, I will I will take the
time to throw it across 2200 volts and "cook" it for a few hours to make
sure that it won't break down under high voltage. You may email me off line.
Bob, K2GLO

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