[AMRadio] Leo Meyerson

Phil LaMarche plamarc1 at tampabay.rr.com
Sun May 27 14:24:34 EDT 2007

Sorry the email came back because of the attachment. Anyone want to see it,
just email me direct.

Leo is alive and well.  When Electric Radio featured my Globe King 500 on
the cover, I received a telephone call from Leo who was trilled to see me
again.  I was the manager of Amateur Electronic Supply in Orlando 1961 and
knew Leo very well. I've attached a large picture from my shack which is a
tribute to Leo. We talk every 6 months or so.


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Thanks Brian.

 I am sure it will be of interest to all the OTs at least.  I have the
paperback about him and really enjoyed it.

Back before I got licensed and as a very young teen ager min the 50s, I
wrote Leo several times asking what I am sure were stupid questions in
typical youth hen scratch. I was more than impressed when I received a
personal reply from Leo each time. I think I still have those letters around
here somewhere.


 John,  W4AWM

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