[AMRadio] OT but of interest to some

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Mon May 28 10:20:05 EDT 2007

The "Big 89 Rewind" aka WLS MusicRadio is back the air today -  listen 
live at www.wlsam.com if you're not within the sound of Lyle Dean's 
voice.  Great to hear all the old jocks and news/sports voices back on 
the air.   And a new website of WLS history: http://www.wlshistory.com/

I guess the High Powered Radio Executives Larry Lujack always talks 
about realized people wanted to hear this, and that it wouldn't kill 
their Rush listeners if they heard a record being played on the radio...

73, Bob W9RAN

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