[AMRadio] OT but of interest to some

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon May 28 15:14:10 EDT 2007

Here in Oklahoma I have a choice of music, if you can 
believe it.

There is an old country station down near Dallas, TX that 
plays it plus a small town station about 50 miles away.  On 
top of that a station about 25 miles South has R&R from the 
late 60s to the 80s.  There is another station about 25 
miles North that has the same format, unfortunately it 
subscribes to the same satellite service.

In Dallas there is also a big band station KAAM which gets 
some of my attention.

Frequencies for all this is 770, 1190, 1240 and 1470.  That 
keeps my dial lubricated.  But I do miss 50 KW KOMA in OKC 
playing true R&R from the 50s to the 80s.  They sold 1520 a 
couple of years back and now it is talk.  The R&R format 
moved to the FM band with 4 of the old time DJs from the OKC 

As a youth I had it good in SW Oklahoma.  890-WLS, 930-WKY, 
1510-KSTP, 1520-KOMA, 1060-WNOE (remember Jack the Cat?), 
1200-WOAI, 940-KIXZ, and 990-(I forget their call) in 
Wichita Falls, TX.

Aha the good old days.


> Now living in Utah, obviously I can't listen to WLS 
> directly - at least
> during daylight hours.  Nice to listen to the internet 
> stream.  I lived in
> Chicago for a time 20 or so years ago, and fondly remember 
> them as the "Big
> 89."
> A major interest in my hobby is restoring vintage 
> broadcast receivers, and
> also building high-performance crystal sets.  I have one 
> local AM station in
> Provo that broadcasts music.  Otherwise, it's band edge to 
> band edge of
> conservative talk and sports.  I've set up my own Part 15 
> transmitter so I
> can at least have something worthwhile to listen to on my 
> old radios if the
> Provo station doesn't suit me.
> Now, KSL in Salt Lake, for example, has gone digital. 
> They still broadcast
> analog as well, but the digital content spews 30KHz wide! 
> Why does Rush,
> Sean, et al need "digital" AM?
> The market might be small, but I believe there is still a 
> market for music
> on AM.
> 73,
> Joe, N6DGY
> Pleasant Grove, Utah

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