[AMRadio] B&W 850-A vs 852 Pi-Network assembly

Ka9p at aol.com Ka9p at aol.com
Mon May 28 21:00:47 EDT 2007

Larry -
The 850A and 852 have the same voltage rating but the plate impedance for  
the 850A is 2500 to 5000 ohms, while the 852 is 1500 to 3000 ohms.  
In other words the inductance of the 850A is 13.6,6.5,1.75, 1 and 0.8  
microhenries, and the 852 is 7, 3.72, 2.34, 1.34, and 0.95 microhenries.
I have a chart that shows capacity to resonate on each band, etc. from an  
old B&W catalogue if it would help. It's sure not a drop in, but I expect  you 
could make it work ok except perhaps on 80 with a bit of juggling.
Good luck, Scott

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