[AMRadio] Better AM audio for a EF Johnson Messenger2

Ed Sieb esieb at sympatico.ca
Tue May 29 00:11:37 EDT 2007


I would change out the following capacitors to .1 uF  (or .22 if you like;
there won't be much diffeence):
C24, C31 and C35.   C24 is key, while  C's 31 and 35 will also affect
receive audio (more lows).  While your at it, remove resistor R48, or make
it much smaller. It controls power output.

Finally, you can either leave R22 as is, or change it out for a 10 megohms.
10 megohms is required when using an un-amplified D104.   Otherwise, that
4.7 megohms is satisfactory for most Hi-Z mics.

Bow wrote:
Has anyone here ever played with a Johnson Messenger (or Messenger Two)
CB on 10 meters? I am looking for suggestions on how to get better
sounding audio out of the one I have. The Hardwired Crystal "Banana"
microphone is coming off ASAP and I plan on inputting audio from my rack
gear, or using a more modern dynamic microphone.

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