[AMRadio] Looking for locals to do on-the-air testing of my Scout

Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 3 09:27:19 EST 2007

Hi Everybody,

I know there are a few locals (with in about 60 miles of me, so propogation doesn't affect the path too much) who subscribe to the list.  Would any of you be interested in doing some on-the-air tests with me.  I did the dirty deed last night - put a 6146B final in my Scout 680. At the same time, I also pulled the metal, 6V6 tube used for the crystal oscillator portion of the the Scout's circuit, and put in a 6V6G (a glass envelope one), that I've had for the past 18 years or so, that saw a little bit of duty in a Fender Princeton II guitar amp I had about 17 years ago. 

I checked into the Midwest Classic Net this morning, and net control Rob, WA9ZTY told me I sounded broken up (although a relay was able to copy me).  I did go back and check modulation,and silly me, I had too much mic gain (monitoring my signal, I could hear it break up).  So, I adjusted that.  But I want to make sure that there isn't something else going on.  The Scout 680 has NO varicap for adjusting neutralization.  SO, I want to make sure the 6146B isn't giving my baby the fits, like thistube has done in so many other older rigs that used 6146/6146As.  So, is there anybody who could help me run an on-the air test of my Scout?

Ellen - AF9J

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