[AMRadio] Station Grounding

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
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What bands do you wish to operate?   

That 16 feet ground wire is close to a quarter wave long on 20 meters.
So 20m operation may have some RF in the shack issues depending on your
antenna choice (balanced feed or single wire feed). For those
transmitting from the 2nd floor and above, it may be necessary to use
resonant 1/4 wave stubs. 

My opinion and practice I observe at ARS WD5JKO is to take the shack 120
VAC power Feed and wind 12 awg wire trifiliar wound around either a
large ferrite torroid or ferrite bar. The idea is to decouple the RF
from the rig flowing to the AC house wiring and at the same time
filters run the ground straight through, and that defeats the purpose
since the RF is often "common mode" which conducts down all three wires
equally. My approach may help with reception issues as well when the AC
power wiring has significant "COMMON MODE" RF current flowing down the
AC mains.


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  Having just put in the 8ft ground rod and an approx 16 ft length of
10ga silver teflon (2nd floor) wire to the tuner/station ground, do I
float the house earth connection?

 There is a lot of noise on the existing house ground and the actual
earth connection is questionable.

  The power box is in the basement on the other side of the building and
basically unreachable from the stations location.

 Suggestions? Ideas? Criticism?

Bill, KB3DKS/1
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