[AMRadio] Receive Preamp question

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Nov 4 17:49:16 EST 2007

The BIGGEST problem with the FT-101 series that occurs with "great" 
frequency, (due to abuse from previous owners.), is the bandswitch contacts.

You and your friend that does the work on it for you, will want to get 
inside and check the bandswitch contacts.  Usually the "upper" bands 
contacts will be fouled up.  They usually need to be cleaned very well.  
They've most likely been arced a few too many times.

It is ALSO a common problem that the inductor has had its taps fiddled 
with.  Look to see where it USED to be tapped.

The FT-101(X)'s were VERY heavily desired by the 11 meter folks.  
Especially since they were made with an 11 meter position.  That crowd 
lusted after them to put out the BIG GUN signal on [choke] CB.

I've helped about four or five new hams with theirs.  Usually that area 
has been beat up a good bit.

Bob - N0DGN

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