[AMRadio] Station Grounding

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Mon Nov 5 16:11:17 EST 2007

"Bob Macklin" writes:

>What is the concern with the grounding? Is it noise reduction or better
>antenna perfomance?

Antenna performance is not the issue. The coax fed dipole
is resonant at the 75 mtr AM area. Some RF in the shack is inevitable with the dipole about 20ft over my head. Not an issue.
  What I am concerned with is the advisability of seperating the house earth from the station (RF) earth.
  With heating season here the oil burner for the first floor business has a new solid state high voltage ignitor that generates considerable phase control noise visable on the AC line and this happens to have serious harmonic content with an almost complete wipeout of the 3875-3890 portion of that band.
  I do not know if the building ground is even still properly connected to a good earth point. It's not my building.
  So, with this said I feel that there is the possibility that the house earth conection is useless and would like to use a (clean) earth for the entire station power along with some filtering as appropriate. 
  I have been in the live sound business for at least 30 years and floating certain grounds for loop and noise elimination has often been necessary but not really code.

Anyway, that is the story. A noise and safety issue rather than RF/Antenna.

Bill, KB3DKS/1

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