[AMRadio] Cleaning Old Equipment?

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Tue Nov 6 12:14:33 EST 2007

Watching the old units being offered on ebay I notice that many are in pretty CRUDDY condition.

About 5 years ago I purchased a Heath HR-10 that looked like it was stored un covered in c abarn for 40 years. it actually had MUD on the chassis inside the case. Plus the evidence of mice and spiders.

I "RE_KITTED" this receiver. In trying to clean the chassis I tried 409. The 409 removed most of the CRUDE along with the lettering on the chassis. Also lots of the plating is gone.

Since this experiance I was able to get a HR-10 in decent condition and have been using it for almost 4 years now. This unit has been in storage but I am thinking about getting the chassis replated and reassembling it.

I am interested in hearing other people experiances with cleaning up some of the old items. There seem to be a lot that sell pretty cheap.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"

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