[AMRadio] Knight T-60/Hallicrafters HT-40?

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Wed Nov 7 14:49:37 EST 2007

These two transmitters are very similar. They both use a 6DQ5 as the final
and both are screen modulated.

To me the T-60 looks like a kit version of the HT-40.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
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> The Knight T-60 is screen modulated and very low power
> in AM mode. Avoid it if possible. The transmit audio
> isn't very good unmodified (i.e. horrible). I would
> not recommend buying one to use on AM if you don't
> already have one. The T-60 was made as a CW novice
> station that advertised AM; which a Novice could use
> on AM after they upgraded their license, but it was
> poorly designed for AM. The T-60 uses a TV sweep tube
> in the final that may be difficult to find NOS.
> I don't know about the Hallicrafters HT-40.
> Mike Mertes /kz5m
> --- Bob Macklin <macklinbob at msn.com> wrote:
> > How does a Knight T-60 transmitter compare toa
> > Hillcrafters HT-40? They look very similar.
> >
> > Bob Macklin
> > K5MYJ
> > Seattle, Wa,
> > "Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
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