[AMRadio] ARRL Director explains IARU bandplan to the "ignorant"

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Nov 8 09:54:06 EST 2007

Steve, did you answer that message?   Our director and vice director are 
patient men who listen to our concerns and answer in a much nicer way 
that this message.

Both of them have opposition this election cycle and I cannot but wonder 
if the opponents are more in the camp of the director you quote.  Our 
director voted against the Regulation by Bandwidth and is opposed to any 
regulation that would inhibit any mode on the bands.

I do know someone urged their opponents to run, but am not sure who that 
was.  I suggest you, in a nice way, tell him to get the chip off his 
shoulder and listen to his constituents rather than lecture them. 
Language in subject to interpretation and, unfortunately for him, we see 
the language differently.


Subject: [AMRadio] ARRL Director explains IARU bandplan to the 

> Just received this mass-mailing from my ARRL Director.  He never 
> responded to
> my questions regarding the IARU bandplan, but now he has issued this
> broadside to all his division members explaining it all.  And calling 
> us names.  Nice.
> I'm so glad I'm a member of this fine organization.
> Steve WD8DAS
> - - - - - - - - - -
> UNFOUNDED RUMORS: Region 2 IARU Band Plan & AM Operation
> 7 NOV 2007 - 2050 CST
> Fellow Central Division ARRL Members:
> For those who follow FCC proceedings and already understand what the
> IARU is and how it operates, a lot of what I'm about to say may be old
> news to you.  However, we still appear to have individuals, who do not
> understand the IARU (and sometimes even the FCC), get very excited 
> when
> somebody tells them their cherished mode of amateur radio operation is
> in danger of being eliminated.  What follows is for the benefit of
> these people.
> The recently approved IARU Region 2 Band Plan is only an advisory band
> plan for use, as desired, primarily by those amateur radio societies 
> in
> Region 2 that have little in the way of a band plan.  This is the
> second IARU Region to adopt a new or revised band plan.  Region 3 
> still
> has yet to act on this item.
> The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) is only an advisory
> organization made up of the amateur radio societies in each respective
> region.  Region 2 is North and South America.  The geographic regions
> mirror the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regions.  The
> ITU is the body that develops the rules at World Radio Conferences 
> that
> then have to be adopted by each country.  The IARU has no such power.
> The current mini-uproar is the result of a very few ignorant people
> with issues making postings to various un-moderated Internet email
> reflectors.
> There is no plot to shut down amateur radio AM operation in the U.S. 
> or
> it's territories.  The existing AM footnotes to our current band plan
> still apply and will continue to do so until the FCC changes or erases
> them from its Part 97 Regulations.  I repeat, there is no ARRL plan to
> get rid of HF amateur radio AM operation in the U.S.  I also point out
> that the AM footnotes (that enable AM operation) in the current FCC
> Amateur Radio Service band plan would have still applied to our
> regulation by bandwidth proposal, if it had become an FCC Regulation.
> Only the portions of the HF band plan that would have been changed 
> were
> listed in the ARRL petition to the FCC.  This is standard procedure in
> an FCC filing.  Many people still do not "get it".
> I find it absolutely amazing that many people jump to conclusions
> before they do their own homework.  This is true in many activities,
> including amateur radio.  There have been, and apparently always will
> be, individuals who are gullible, biased, have an axe to grind, or are
> some combination of the three when it comes to discussing and
> considering amateur radio regulations.  They are few in number, but
> there are a lot of others who are taken in by these people simply
> because they don't understand the situation and don't want to spend 
> the
> effort to get the facts directly from the source.
> I don't have a good answer to this situation other than to keep 
> working
> to spread the truth.  I apologize for my exasperation that shows
> through in this message.
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> ARRL Central Division
> Director: George Isely, W9GIG
> w9gig at arrl.org
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