[AMRadio] ARRL Director explains IARU bandplan to the "ignorant"

KX5KW ars.kx5kw at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:43:46 EST 2007

> There is no plot to shut down amateur radio AM operation in the U.S. 
> or it's territories.

> The existing AM footnotes to our current band plan
> still apply and will continue to do so ***until the FCC changes or
> erases them*** from its Part 97 Regulations.

*** emphasis mine.

> I also point out that the AM footnotes (that enable AM operation)
> in the current FCC Amateur Radio Service band plan...

There are those words again.  -AM footnotes-

Is that true?  The only reason AM can operate is because of some AM 

I think sentences 2 and 3 give evidence that sentence 1 is not true.

If it was true that AM is only legal because of "AM footnotes", it 
would certainly be a one step process to leave them out at some point 
in the future.  That's probably what some people hope will happen. 

I believe the "mini uproar" showed him that it will not happen without 
resistance.  Good that he noticed.  :)


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