[AMRadio] My response to ARRL central director

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Thu Nov 8 11:34:01 EST 2007

Mr Isely -

I was shocked by the tone and content of your message regarding the the 
IARU Region 2 bandplan changes.  Foremost among my concerns is the fact 
that you never responded to my questions regarding limiting and 
restrictive nature of the the proposed bandplan.  As a member I 
expected that you would take my opinions into consideration.  But 
instead you issued a mass-email calling those who have expressed 
concerns about the bandplan to be "ignorant".

I *did* my research before contacting you, including learning about the 
IARU and corresponding with ARRL and IARU officials.  The ARRL 
officials brushed me off.  An IARU Region 2 official indicated that the 
"tightening" of the bandwidth specs was at the suggestion of the ARRL 
representatives to the IARU meeting.   Have you contacted IARU 
officials to get this perspective?

You are an elected Director of the ARRL. In addition to your governance 
role in the League you have a duty to listen to the concerns of the 
members in your division, and represent the interests of all the 
members in your division.  I think you should be listening to your 
constituents rather than lecturing and insulting them.  You have a duty 
to be respectful and considerate of those members who might choose to 
tell you their thoughts.

I remain highly concerned about these bandplan changes.  And it is not 
just about "AM" mode as you indicate in your mass-email.  I feel that 
tight restrictions on bandwidth are not in the best interests of 
amateur radio - period.  We need maximum flexibility to allow all sorts 
of operations and modes, both old and new.

Steve WD8DAS
Fitchburg, Wisconsin

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