[AMRadio] For Sale:

Phil LaMarche plamarc1 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Nov 8 16:35:55 EST 2007

 I have some goodies excess to my needs.

Shure 450 Mike Nice 20.00  Looks like a 444 but controlled magnetic with
Hi/Lo impedance

50 ohm DC-4 Ghz 60 watt dummy load 30.00  
    RF Parts sells this for 150.00

Micro Match Model 624N Wattmeter for handhelds 30.00

All prices include packing and shipping.

Philip LaMarche 
LaMarche Enterprises, Inc.
www.instantgourmetspices.com <http://www.instantgourmetspices.com/>  
www.w9dvm.com <http://www.w9dvm.com/>  
800-395-7795 pin 02 
FAX 727-937-8834 
NASFT 30210 

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