[AMRadio] Re: ARRL Director explains IARU bandplan to

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Sat Nov 10 00:07:20 EST 2007

I believe only the Directors and Vice-Directors are subject to a recall.
A proposal is required, along with at least 10% of the membership in that
Division signing and dating the petition. After the petition is
validated, a ballot is prepared and a vote must be taken of the
membership in that entire Division (Recall - Yes or No). The paid staff
isn't subject to the recall ruling.

Also, you said: "we "ignorant" members"
But, he(Director) really said: "very few ignorant people"

It doesn't sound like he was categorizing the entire AM community. But
then again, I. you, they, etc. can sometimes be ignorant to the true
meaning of someone's written intent especially if it's worded poorly.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 9 Nov 2007 18:32:47 -0800 "W6OM" <w6om at cox.net> writes:
> In an open letter to Mr. Sumner and his staff I invited them to 
> participate
> in a live "Webinar" at my expense to accept questions from the 
> membership
> and explain their activities in regards to this ongoing issue. I was 
> clear
> that it would be "no expense" to the ARRL and my engineering staff 
> would set
> up the portal and publish the login address to the membership.
> To date Mr. Sumner nor anyone on his staff or directors have 
> accepted my
> invitation which raises and even more ominous question as to why 
> they will
> not explain this issue in an open forum.  Their condescending 
> rhetoric and
> contempt for we "ignorant" members is unacceptable.
> According to the ARRL bylaws, we the members can a recall of the 
> entire team
> and replace them.
> No court necessary, just use the rules and change the system 
> All the Best
> Ron Weaver   W6OM
> www.qsl.net/w6om

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