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Ellen Rugowski ellenjoanne2003 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 10 12:42:36 EST 2007

Why am I not surprised?  It's all about WINLINK isn't it?  Their precious
WINLINK that uses formats that many claim are encrypted (which is illegal in
Amateur radio), and that has caused so much ire amongst amateurs, due to
it's users firing up and wiping out QSOs already in progress (I experienced
this firsthand last year with an 80m Hellschreiber net I used to run -
several weeks worth PACTOR QRM firing up in the middle of the net, trashing
it, forced us to QSY).  All you have to do is go to the "zed" to find
umpteen "I hate WINLINK" threads. WINLINK is being pushed by sailing
websites as a cheap way to get around spending money to have the Sailmail
e-mail sevice from your boat.  One site even went so far as to say that
since amateur licenses have never been easier to get, go get your ham
license, and use WINLINK, saving on the Sailmail cost.  Of course "you have
to make room for it." So, just get rid if that obsolete "Ancient
Modulation."  The worst part of it, is that many hams say that they wonder
"why anybody would want to use such an obsolete mode as AM". I read this
comment from a ham who sent it to Sherm, KB9Qs blog/e-mail that goes out to
numerous hams.  Sherm also included George, W9GIG's scathing e-mail we've
all seen, in his blog. I ended up sending a rather long e-mail to Sherm
yesterday, stating why some of us sent out e-mails to the ARRL and IARU,
voicing our concern over the new IARU band plan.  In the e-mail, I stated
that there was plenty of room nowadays for AM, and that contrary to being an
ancient throwback mode, with people only intrested in obsolete radio, many
of AM's supporters were very tech savvy (heck some of us are electronics
tech, engineers, etc.).  I also stated the same reasons I stated in my
e-mail to the IARU about the new band plan (I don't belong to the ARRL
anymore, so I really had no right to send them an e-mail about the band
plan), that were also used by many of you in your e-mails:

1.  It could potentially block many new modes that are wider than SSB
2.  It goes against present AM operating practices.
3.  ESSB wouldn't even be allowed
4.  Even though it wouldn't be the law, the band plan could cause conflict
between hams who don't follow it, and those who would insist that it should
be treated like the law.
5.  I did not openly state, but implied that the band plan might be used as
a back door to start up Regulation by Bandwidth (ala RM-11304 [which I sent
my comments to the FCC, about]) again.

Now it looks like the ARRL is trying to push WINLINK once again.

Ellen - AF9J

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> With the withdrawal of the ARRL's regulation by bandwidth proposal
> this past February, this situation will get worse.  The only real
> impediment to further Winlink 2000 use is the very high cost of the
> proprietary modem.  Eventually, this cost will come down.  I'm not
> opposed to any operating mode including Winlink 2000.  But I'm
> opposed to it's use in our narrow-band sub-bands.
> Under our current Part 97 Regulations, it is legal there.
> I seriously doubt if another regulation by bandwidth proposal will be put
> forth by the ARRL board in the near future.  We failed to educate the
> U.S. amateur radio community about the history of and rationale for
> our first proposal, and to make sure nearly everyone understood how
> it would work.  The ARRL board of directors has to do it's homework
> if we want to have regulation by bandwidth accepted by the U.S.
> amateur radio community.
> I support amateur radio HF regulation by bandwidth.  However, I will
> not support an effort to rush another proposal to the FCC.  I have no idea
> how
> long this educational process will take.  But I currently believe
> anything shorter than two years from 1 JAN 2008 will fail.
> - George R. Isely, W9GIG
>    ARRL Central Div. Director
>    St. Charles, IL
>    w9gig at arrl.org
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