[AMRadio] 2 Rangers, Valiant, Ameritron ATR-15 tuner for sale

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sat Nov 10 20:52:12 EST 2007

  I have two Ranger Is, both with keying mods, one 'factory' and one 'kit' 
(very very well-done kit, I might add) and a factory Valiant I for sale.

   Both Rangers are working well and make rated power, about 40 watts or 
so. One Ranger is cosmetically about a 6 or 7, and has a black and yellow 
CD decal on it's upper right corner, straight outta the 50s...   the other 
is about a 6, needs it's meter glass re-glued (meter is electrically fine, 
glass is intact, just loose) and has Braille Dymo tape on the knobs 
(They're marked "No1, No2, No3... etc).

   The Valiant was, until quite recently, my AM "daily driver" - it has all 
new 6146s - "A" in the finals and "B" in the mod section, it has SS HV 
plug-in 866 replacements ( I have 866s if you need a pair) and I have 
recently replaced most of the RF section caps with small transmitting 
micas.  It's about a 7 cosmetically, a bit of wear on the panel, where the 
transmit switch was used by a previous owner.  Otherwise no mods, no 
extra holes, original iron...   working well, about 120 watts out. Always 
gotten nice reports on AM, even KO6NM said it sounded good, but that I 
needed a 10X power increase.... HIHI!

   All Johnson gear has full op and svc manuals included.

   The Ameritron ATR-15 tuner is rated to 1.5KW, is dual variable capacitor 
style with a band switch, has single and balanced outputs, and a built-in 
SWR/pwr meter - also used every day with the Valiant... never arced over, 
nice and clean inside..  cosmetically a 9.

   Will professionally pack and ship to US adresses ONLY - payment via 
PayPal preferred, but MO or Cashier's check is fine...  note that due to 
mailbox and USPS constraints, I regretfully can no longer accept barter, 
and anyway the bushels of potatoes are getting way too heavy, and the 
chickens make a horrendous mess...

   Rangers   -   $250 ea?

   Valiant   -   $475?

   ATR-15    -   $175?

   plus a little bit for my obsessive packing jobs - guaranteed to get them 
to you in good shape, even via ... (shudder).... UPS!!!

   Make offers,  especially on all at once...    probably best to email me 
privately about the rigs... more info and any pics you wish can be sent 
that way.

   Next stop: eBay on this stuff.... don't nobody say I didn't give it a 
good try!


Carson City

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