[AMRadio] RE: AMRadio Digest, Vol 46, Issue 16

jcotton at excite.com jcotton at excite.com
Sun Nov 11 13:31:12 EST 2007

It is so simple to find out what the line voltage is.  Just stick the VOM leads into the outlet.  
You also should be sure what you are measuring - RMS voltage or peak voltage, or something in between, due to your particular situation.  Check with your electrician to be sure that your outlet is wired properly.

I have always gotten a straight 117 volts here in Baltimore.  
Joe n3iqa.

Reply by Jim WD5JKO:

Carl decades ago the line voltage was closer to 110-115 vac whereas now it is closer to 125 vac. A stock 20a plugged into todays AC mains will literally "cook" the tubes. Sure a variac is the right choice here, but the poor 6u8A is still the weak link. The 6MU8 is just a beefier alternative.


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