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Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Mon Nov 12 12:14:38 EST 2007

I also run 2000 volts on the plates of the modulator, 4x150a's, and usualy
volts on the pair of 813's in the final.

It seems to like it that way, i have done experiments as both supplies
have variacs, things always seem to modulate better, and sound better
with more mod voltage.


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> W9LBB wrote:
> > It's interesting tho...  I don't think I've ever heard of a rig that
runs a
> > much higher B+ on the modulator plates than it runs on the FINAL.
> >
> John/WA5BXO runs 2400v on his (4) 813 (push-pull parallel) modulator,
> and ~1200 on a pair of 250TH's.
> He used to have a rig that ran a pair of 304TL's, that ran 1300 or 1400v
> on the final, and the same modulator (same voltage).
> The voltage on the modulator is what's needed to properly modulate the
> amount of carrier produced, without flat-topping or causing distortion.
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