[AMRadio] P.S. - you get to run 1000W input on AM up here

Zengmeiste at aol.com Zengmeiste at aol.com
Tue Nov 13 00:31:51 EST 2007

      So how does Canada feel about ex-pats? I hear you need to
have a job lined up, or at least be self-sufficient.  Central 
heating, parkas, warm toques (?!) and gloves are great and all
that but how good is the pizza and hot cocoa?? Inquiring minds
wanna know. And so do I. And thanks.

  73,  Terry Bakowski KC9KEL 
From: "Ed Sieb" <esieb at sympatico.ca>
Subject: RE: [AMRadio] Re: AMRadio Digest, Vol 46, Issue 13
Yes, but we have perfected central heating,  parkas,  
warm toques, and gloves.   We can handle it.
(P.S. - you get to run  1000W input on AM up here.)
Ed, VA3ES<BR><BR><BR>**************************************<BR> See what's new at 

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