[AMRadio] Re:Reactor Wanted

Ben Dover quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 13 11:51:51 EST 2007

Howdy, Don!

>I think I see what you are looking for - something to use as a modulation 
>reactor.  You wouldn't want to use a swinging choke for that.  Best choice 
>would be a real BC xmtr modulation reactor, although a power supply 
>smoothing choke with sufficient inductance would work.

Yep. That was the whole point of this bruhaha!   ;o)

>One possible suitable mod reactor for your use would be the final version of 
>the one used in the Gates BC1 series.  I have one in  my 8005/805 rig.  It 
>is rated at 32 henries (I think) @ 600 ma, but it is about the size of a 
>50's era tube type TV power transformer, and weighs only about 25-30 lbs. 
>The core must be made from some special alloy to get it that small and light 

I wish I could find one; that sounds perfect for my purposes. The only way it
could get any better is if the current rating was lower, which would give a
corresponding reduction in size and weight!  ;o)  So far, the power and audio
iron that I'm bolting to the rack floor of this rig is enough to give King Kong
a hernia!

As it is tho, I'm thinking that the best bet is an older (read that as ANCIENT)
power supply smoothing choke.

>I think the Globe King 400 is a much better xmtr than the 500.  I remember 
>working on the 500 that belonged to Roger N4IBF.  Marginal is an 


In the "future projects" pile here is a Globe King 400 that needs major work to
restore it. I'm well on my way with that one; I managed to find a pair of V-70Ds
for the final, and a couple of Hytron 5514s for the modulator! Talk about yer basic
Hen's Teeth commodity!   

Nowadays I've got my eyes open for B&W plug-in coils, or at least the remains of 
busted up ones to fabricate a set.

>>have you tried to
>>find "fish paper" for
>>transformer winding insulation these days?
>No.  I used to be able to get all I wanted from a local motor rewinding 
>shop, but now the owner is dead and the shop has closed down.  Haven't tried 
>to buy any in years, but I always assumed a motor rewinder would have it, 
>and there are still a few still in business.  Or is this one more thing to 
>add to the rapidly growing list of what "they don't make anymore?"

That was the solution to my problem. There's still a motor shop here, and it
can also supply me with oddball wire when needed...   like 30 feet of #6 for
winding tank coils!  <<GRIN>>

>It's getting more and more to be that you can't buy anything new at any 
>price any more except worthless imported consumer crap at some place like 
>Wal-Mart. I guess it doesn't really matter that the dollar is losing its 
>value - you can't find anything worthwhile to buy with it anyway, so no big 
>deal  that what money you do have will all go for food and heating fuel.

The thing that drives ME absolutely nuts...

I'm in a University town with a MAJOR electrical / electronics engineering
school. In spite of that, EVERY electronics parts jobber has closed up shop
in the last few years! Today, if Rat Shack ain't got it, you're S.O.L. 

The situation got so bad that the University had to open up thier OWN parts
retailer on campus so students could get parts for classroom assignments! Of
course, the place is for STUDENTS & FACULTY ONLY...

Mr. T., W9LBB

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