[AMRadio] Best Heathkit AM Transmitter

Greg bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Tue Nov 13 13:04:06 EST 2007

How about a Heathkit HX 10 aka Marauder?
It does AM. Not as much punch as a plate modulated rig but it does work and 
the signal is passable without having to tweak the original circuits.
When the AM'ers fade out you can always flip a switch and go ssb too.
It doesn't have any weak spots and there have been no modifications 
published that amount to anything.   The vfo is very stable and no crazy 
linkage systems behind the front panel. The HX 10 is still kind of a sleeper 
for the collector/user so the prices should be reasonable.
Happy hunting
Kinston NC

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>>I have used the DX100B and Apache. I prefer the
>>Apache but both were good.
>>Currently I use a DX60B with audio mods and PTT
>>I installed into a SB200 linear.
>>Healthfully yours,
>>                          Don W4BWS
> Have owned and used an Apache, and several DX-100Bs. Currently got a 
> DX-100 and
> a DX-60 with the matching VFO.
> I wouldn't take another Apache as a gift...  unless I had need for PARTS 
> and IRON
> for restoring a DX-100!   <<GRIN>>
> Maybe it was just MY Apache, and not the breed in general...  but that 
> fancy VFO
> dial and drive mechanism drove me absolutely batty. The damned thing kept 
> becoming
> unstrung, and that necessitated removing the front panel to put it all 
> back
> together.
> After about the fifth restringing job, I got so disgusted I just GAVE THE 
> AWAY to a buddy who had a DX-100 with a cooked plate transformer. I had 
> the satisfaction
> of watching the Transmitter From Hell getting DISEMBOWELED to put him on 
> 160 AM!   ;o)
> Other than that...  I'd have to say the DX-100B is the best of the lot. 
> The straight
> DX-100 has an Achilles Heel; the PA loading capacitor network. A high VSWR 
> will blow
> the hell out of the fixed padders, and they aren't standard caps, so 
> replacement is a
> problem. At one point Heathkit sold a kit that would convert the DX-100 
> loading caps
> to the 3 section broadcast band receiver variable that they used in the 
> DX-100B.
> Mr. T., W9LBB
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