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John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
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Actually Ben, the amount of inductance required is dependent on the load Z
(that is EP / IP of the final) and the lowest frequency that you intend to
modulate with.  Assuming that the lowest audio frequency that you want to
pass does not change then the required inductance of the choke goes up as
the load Z goes up.  Therefore reducing the current will raise load Z and
the required inductance.  Your only hope is to find a special core material
that doesn't saturate as quick giving you the required inductance at a
smaller size which I think is the description of the choke that Don, K4KYV,
was describing earlier.  I think a good rule of thumb is that the required
inductive reactance should be 10 times the load Z in order to prevent audio
phase shifts at the lower frequencies. (Ck with Don on this)  

Having your low frequency rolloff at 100 cps instead of say 50 cps may not
be what you want in low frequency response but it sure requires less choke.

Getting a lot of performance in a small space is always tricky and I was
never good at it.

Good luck Ben.
John Coleman, WA5BXO

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Howdy, Don!
I wish I could find one; that sounds perfect for my purposes. The only way
it could get any better is if the current rating was lower, which would give
a corresponding reduction in size and weight!  ;o)  So far, the power and
audioiron that I'm bolting to the rack floor of this rig is enough to give
King Kong
a hernia!

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