[AMRadio] Re: P.S. - you get to run 1000W input on AM up here

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Tue Nov 13 14:53:45 EST 2007

Hi Guys,

Canada is nothing BUT a nation of ex-pats as it is...! I know --- my parents
were part of the great wave of immigration from Europe that swept into the
country in the years after WW2.

Have you ever heard of the expression "DP"...? Well, that was about as vile
a name as the "n" word is to-day to Afro-Americans, only "DP" --- or,
"Displaced Person" was the slangy name entrenched Canadians threw at
everyone who was new to the country back then. It was NOT pretty. We were
made to feel less-than-human by a large sector of the population, and one
could practically feel the bias & prejudice in school, on job sites, etc.

But enough of that...

Hey all you Americans --- as long as you've got a passport, that's about all
you'll ever need to come up here for a visit. Whenever we cross the border
to visit our son in Maine, all we ever do --- both ways --- is simply show
the guard our birth certificates & our passports, & we're home free (but
I've also read somewhere that Americans, as a nation, have one of the LOWEST
per capita ownership of passports of any country in the world --- maybe
that's why a lot of you guys think our currency is the peso, and that we
speak French in the province of Toronto...eh?).

So get those documents ready, folks --- because if there really IS such a
thing as global warming, there'll be hordes of you flocking north of the
border not for the snow & back bacon, but for the temperate weather, and dry

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> >      So how does Canada feel about ex-pats? I hear you need to
> > have a job lined up, or at least be self-sufficient.  Central
> > heating, parkas, warm toques (?!) and gloves are great and all
> > that but how good is the pizza and hot cocoa?? Inquiring minds
> > wanna know. And so do I. And thanks.
> >
> >  73,  Terry Bakowski KC9KEL
> Plus, Canada's Medicare covers people of all ages, not just the elderly.
> regarding the toques, one to keep you warm, and there is less paranoia
> the other variety than in USA.  And Canadian ham bands have no subbands.
> But it has become much more difficult to get "landed immigrant" status
> or less the equivalent of the US Green Card) than it was during the
> era, when all you had to do was make your declaration at the border
> crossing.
> And apparently it is now difficult to enter Canada even for a short visit.
> My daughter's boyfriend had planned to take a camping trip to Thunder Bay
> back during the summer.  He drove several hundred miles from Nashville to
> the border crossing, and they refused him entry because the computer
> that he had been busted at age 19 for under-age drinking in Tennessee.
> was really so stupid about that was that it should have been a moot point
> since 19 would have been legal drinking age in Canada, and when he tried
> enter the country, he was 24, well past the drinking age.  Besides, what
> does under-age drinking 5 years ago have to do with being a risk to
> Makes me wonder if it would be worth travelling from distant reaches of
> US, if you could unexpectedly be refused entry because of some hassle you
> might have forgotten all about. Most of us probably have something trivial
> like that on our past record.
> There is a down side to the ham  radio issue.  Canada's regulations impose
> 6 kHz bandwidth limitation for AM.
> But that is apparently taken about as seriously as the USA's p.e.p.
> bullschzit.  I have never heard of an AM'er on either side of the border
> being cited for exceeding either one.  And I hear Canadian AM'ers describe
> their rigs in detail, with no mention of any measures taken to suppress
> highs.
> Don, k4kyv
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