[AMRadio] Best Heathkit AM Transmitter

joe at tronixland.com joe at tronixland.com
Tue Nov 13 16:05:28 EST 2007

I have never owned the DX-100 or 100B but plan to when the right deal comes 
along. I do own an unmodified Apache and have received good audio reports 
after getting some things right. The "Scratchy Apache" can sound decent 
unmodified if properly adjusted and using a high impedance microphone such 
as an EV 638. I never got good audio reports using a D-104 on my Apache. The 
transmitter is very well built and looks great in the shack. I only wish it 
had 160 meters, otherwise I'm very happy with it. I'm currently using a 32V3 
and own the Apache, BW-5100B, and two Viking II.

73, Joe KF9EU

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> Best Heathkit AM Transmitter
> The 'original' comment was regarding 'Best Heathkit AM Transmitter'. 
> 'Best' is a very subjective
> term, as we have all seen. References to Viking's and/or Valiant's or 
> other manufacturers digress
> from the original comment.
> I've owned many Heathkit AM transmitters. DX-100B, Apache, Marauder 
> (HX-10), and DX-40. If one
> were to ask 'what was the largest seller', that would certainly fall to 
> the DX-60 series. If one
> adds the DX-35 and DX-40 to that, these screen modulated transmitters were 
> the best selling
> Heathkits. One could say these were primarily CW transmitters...a case can 
> be made for that. But
> they did have AM capability.
> It seems no 'olde' transmitter is immune from modifications.some require 
> extensive changes
> (Johnsons, my experience) others relatively little..to sound good to a 
> 'purist' in today's world.
> The HX-10 with no 'factory' modifications remains a great choice for those 
> who like CW, SSB and AM
> all in one very stable unit; though it's not plate modulated AM. The 
> DX-100B I have, required some
> modifications though very little to sound teriffic. I like it's variable 
> loading capacitor setup
> much better over my Valiant's or other similar units....or the DX-100. 
> This is just 'my' personal
> preference.
> Returning to the exact comment, if one wants the 'best' Heathkit AM 
> transmitter, and if that
> comment refers to plate modulated AM, then your choice would be the 
> DX-100/DX-100B or Apache.
> Neither of which require as much modification to make them sound excellent 
> as needs to be done to
> other manufacturers transmitters (my individual experence).
> 73, Larry KC8JX
> St. Joseph, Mi
> Owner: Valiant, DX-100B, HX-10...and others
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