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The U.S. has been pressuring Canada to tighten up border security and 
their immigration policy for the past several years. Looks like they 
listened. In the US, adults whom break the drinking age laws may be 
criminaly charged.  The US and Canada share  DMV and arrest records 
with each other.  FWIW, Western NY utes go and rent motel rooms in 
Ontario to party.  Quebec also.....

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 and they refused him entry because the 
> computer showed 
> that he had been busted at age 19 for under-age drinking in 
> Tennessee.  What 
> was really so stupid about that was that it should have been a 
> moot point 
> since 19 would have been legal drinking age in Canada, and when he 
> tried to 
> enter the country, he was 24, well past the drinking age.  
> Besides, what 
> does under-age drinking 5 years ago have to do with being a risk 
> to Canada? 
> Makes me wonder if it would be worth travelling from distant 
> reaches of the 
> US, if you could unexpectedly be refused entry because of some 
> hassle you 
> might have forgotten all about. Most of us probably have something 
> trivial 
> like that on our past record.

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