[AMRadio] Re:Modulator Plate Voltage

jeremy-ca km1h at jeremy.mv.com
Tue Nov 13 20:07:06 EST 2007

Well Bob, all I can say is that Im flexible in the final design. I mentioned 
those tubes and voltages since that was what I have on and and I'm trying to 
stuff it all in one rack. However if I go with two supplies I suppose I can 
use stacks of electrolytics to save space as well as get the C up and save 
on choke size. Dunno, I havent run the math yet but I have a bunch of 
handbooks and engineering manuals from the 30's and 40's to keep me company.

Its a relearning process as well as incorporate some newer ideas Ive picked 
up over the past few months by doing a lot of Internet reading.

At least I have a full array of test equipment this time around to minimize 
the guesswork.



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> Carl,
> You are "attempting" a battle of wits against the UNARMED.
> Geoff and a couple of others have "their OWN idea" as to what constitutes 
> a GOOD radio!
> You and I seem to be in the minority.
> I just use "old tanks" such as the BC-610s.  At least they were built with 
> the necessary iron to get the job done.
> Granted, they MUST be run correctly, BUT any radio must be run properly or 
> issues develop.  The pair of 100THs drive the audio through the 250TH very 
> well.
> Keep up the GOOD fight!
> Bob - N0DGN
> jeremy-ca wrote:
>> What do you mean by well above? If the RF deck is at 2250 where would you 
>> want the modulator to be?
>> Im in the process of building a pair of 813's with 810's audio and have 
>> one big single PS that can get up to 3KVC@ 1A. How much can 810's  be 
>> pushed in voltage or should I go to 572B's or even 250T's?
>> Since Ive been unable to find a big mod xfmr so far the audio section is 
>> still up in the air and flexible.
>> Carl
>> KM1H
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