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Tue Nov 13 21:44:00 EST 2007

Letter below is from the ARRL President Joel Harrison W5ZN in response to my
letter below his.  Almost amusing transparent rhetorical response to my
letter and still acceptance to go live with a webinar to explain themselves,
not the IARU.


Enjoy the read, this is only the opening round of what plan to make a
significant even until accept my offer. 


All the Best


Ron Weaver   W6OM




From: Joel Harrison [mailto:w5zn at arrl.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:38 PM
To: 'W6OM'
Cc: n6aa at arrl.org
Subject: RE: IARU Band Plan



Thank you for letting me know of your concerns with regard to the band plan
adopted recently by the member-societies of IARU Region 2. You sent your
message to a number of individuals; because the ARRL is the representative
organization in the IARU for radio amateurs of the United States, I am
replying on their behalf.

IARU regional band plans have been in existence for many years. They are
developed, reviewed and approved at regional conferences of the IARU
member-societies. The band plans provide voluntary guidelines that are
intended to assist amateurs in making the most effective use of our limited
frequency allocations. They are not restrictions and carry no regulatory
authority. On behalf of the ARRL, I can assure you that there are no plans
to propose incorporating any IARU band plan into the FCC rules. One virtue
of voluntary band plans is that they are more flexible and can be amended
more easily than the FCC rules; writing them into the rules would be

The new IARU Region 2 band plan was developed by delegates to the Region 2
Conference from a number of countries. It does not align in every respect
either with the FCC rules or with operating patterns followed by US
amateurs. Unlike the United States, most countries do not have regulations
setting out subbands for different types of emission. Even in the US the FCC
rules do not provide much detail with regard to frequency use. As FCC
amateur licensees we are obliged to cooperate with one another in selecting
transmitting channels and making the most effective use of amateur service
frequencies, and to follow good engineering and good amateur practice.

Your message objects to the Region 2 band plan for "suggesting limits that
are more severe than regulations from the governments in the region."
However, the band plan does not contain "limits." As voluntary guidelines
the band plan cannot by definition be "more severe" than regulations. And
finally, if the band plan did not suggest an operating pattern that is a
subset of the regulations it would serve no purpose.

Your message refers to IARU President Larry Price as wishing "to discourage
footnotes among the various regional plans he oversees." First, the IARU
President does not "oversee" regional band plans. Each regional plan is
developed by the member-societies of that region, in accordance with the
constitution, bylaws and rules of the regional organization. The regional
organizations are autonomous entities and do not answer to the IARU
President. Second, Mr. Price's observation with regard to footnotes had
nothing whatsoever to do with IARU band plans. Footnotes are not by their
nature either good or bad; it depends on what they say. Mr. Price's
observation had to do specifically with footnotes in the ITU Table of
Frequency Allocations that prohibit amateur operation, or authorize sharing
by additional services, in certain countries in certain parts of the bands
that are allocated in the ITU Table to the amateur service. One of the goals
of the IARU is to minimize such footnotes. On the other hand, there are
other footnotes to the ITU Table that are extremely beneficial to Amateur
Radio, such as the ones permitting amateur-satellite operation. In any case
this is totally unrelated to IARU band planning activities, which are
internal to the amateur service and to each regional IARU organization and
have nothing whatever to do with the ITU.

I hope this has reassured you that nothing will happen on January 1 that
will in any way affect your use of AM. We are always seeking ways to improve
the process of revision of the IARU Region 2 band plan and the ARRL Board of
Directors, who determine the policy for ARRL's input to IARU Region 2, are
always open to member input on future revisions that ARRL delegates may take
to future Region 2 Conferences. I encourage you to communicate with the
Division Director in your ARRL Division.

Sincere 73,

Joel Harrison, W5ZN

ARRL President




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Subject: IARU Band Plan


As a professional CEO with twenty years experience and two publicly traded
companies that I started from scratch  I am appalled at the continued
subterfuge and lack of professional ethics at the highest levels of the
ARRL.  The ARRL's most recent initiative to limit bandwidth by mode in
specific segments of the spectrum by posturing with the IARU to make it look
like an IARU initiative is an insult to  everyone in the amateur community.


If those of us who lead public firms with thousands of share holders around
the world conducted our business activities in the manner the ARRL does, our
shareholders would remove us from office and an SEC investigation would

ARRL senior management has been and  continues to be immersed in secret
agenda politics regardless of what the membership wants. The sooner the
membership votes to remove the officers and directors and elects
professionals to lead the organization the better off Amateur Radio will be.
The ARRL's bandwidth initiative came under scrutiny domestically and was
withdrawn with the usual condescending rhetoric that we the membership did
not understand it.  It is the ARRL's responsibility to write initiatives
clearly so everyone can understand them.

After reading through the ARRL's financial reports I see where the revenue
streams come from and why the ARRL fundamentally does not care about
"Leading" a professional organization which represents the membership. The
ARRL is in business to sell advertising and to promulgate any initiative
which increases advertising revenue regardless of how it affects the

ARRL Senior management pays lip service to various groups,  but due to the
ARRL's ineptitude it is incapable of mounting any sustained effort to
achieve anything substantive. The ARRL stone walls letters like this using
"framing techniques" to construct answers which devalue the original content
and ad credibility to the ARRL's distorted view of Amateur radio.  I too
have been well schooled in the art of public speaking, debate and press
corps techniques for deflecting truth and creating subterfuge so I see
through the ARRL's methods.  I invite the CEO and officers of the ARRL to a
live World Wide Webinar wherein you must answer the memberships questions
clearly while everyone watches.  


I will have my engineers set it up,  IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING, all you have
to do is log in with a web cam and accept my questions and countless others
who deserve clear unbiased explanations.  I suggest a quarterly webinar
wherein the membership participates and requires ARRL to provide credible
clear explanations on all initiatives.


This is a communications activity and ARRL management must be open and
willing to come under scrutiny and explain its position for all to


Many have sat silently for too long saying the ARRL is the only
representative body we have in Amateur radio, but the body has long been
dead. It is time to revitalize Amateur Radio with aggressive unrelenting
professional leadership. 


Forward this to your legal counsel so we can all be clear about what is
about to take place.  I fully intend to ask the world ham Community through
my own opt- in mass mailing PR firm why the ARRL will not go live and
explain its actions to the membership. 


Ron Weaver   W6OM




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