[AMRadio] Open Wire - was AMRadio Digest, Vol 46, Issue 24

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>  I expect that many of us that are able to get something else in the 
>air, choose balanced-open-wire for it's advantages over coax cable.
>  A link-coupled balanced tuner feeding open-wire line can be a very 
>simple, efficient setup.  Don't dismiss it just because it has been 
>around for a long time.  :)

For my money, the ONLY advantage coax has over open wire feeders is

You don't have to build coax, it doesn't demand the ingenuity and 
attention to detail in installation that open wire does, and you can
just poke RG-213 thru a hole in the shack wall to get it to the rig!

On the other hand... open wire can be constructed for a fraction of the
cost of the same length of coax. You can get away with using an antenna
on a larger slice of the band with open wire and a tuner, due to the fact
that open wire's MUCH smaller losses allow it to be safely run at a much
higher VSWR than coax. If you design your home made open wire carefully,
it's weight is far less than a comparable run of coax, and that's a major
stress consideration when you're feeding an end supported dipole.

I personally love the stuff. Coax has it's place, but often it's not the
best solution to the problem.

Mr. T., W9LBB

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