[AMRadio] Trying to be nice

charles L. mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 09:37:14 EST 2007

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to my Section MGR in
NC, N4IB.  Thought I would be nice and start it up the
chain of ARRL command and see what response I get.  So

Charlie in NC


Perhaps the opening salvos have been fired at you or
somewhere up the line, but this IARU band plan
proposal has a section of the community stirred up.

The ARRL's love of lawyereze writing must be a sign of
the litigious times, but why can't the ARRL just put
it in plain english that AM operation is a legitimate
mode, unrestricted in any phone segment?  Why did it
not object to the IARU band plan idea that keeps
AM'ers on edge because it talks around the issue in
vague terms.

One section manager has already insulted thousands of
AM operators, equipment restorers, builders, AND ARRL
members, with his comments, then had to backpedal like
a lying politician.  To keep insulting a membership
base, that probably has a per capita level of
membership higher than any other group is bad

AM operators have been forced to bend over backwards
to operate on the bands.  Talk about 60 meters being
channelized?  AM'ers have been channelized for years
in order to avoid the conflagration that occurs when
we venture off our gentlemens agreement frequencies.

The ARRL just needs to support their members who
follow this aspect of this hobby, just as they do the
digital modes, contesters, and quasi official
emergency responders in their hobby persuits.  The
ARRL just needs to come out and put it in clear
writing that they support AM operation, that
international band plans from IARU or anybody else
should show AM as a legititmate  mode of operation on
assigned amateur freqencies, and thank AMer's for
being the best group at sticking to the gentlements
agreement for operating locations in order to minimize
QRM, both radio and verbal.

If the ARRL would just do this in simple plain
english, not technize, not lawyereze, just AM, then it
would not have to face the barrage it calls in on
itself every time this topic comes up.

Feel free to forward up the chain of command. Thanks.

Charlie, W4MEC Henderson County, NC
38 years a ham, 37 years an ARRL member

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