[AMRadio] re: W6OM and ARRL

uvcm inc. uvc1 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 14 12:14:32 EST 2007

I agree with many the ARRL in some cases has lost there way. 
They have turned into a profit motivated lobbying group.
The experimenter, builder, are more and more being left out .
One example is why change bandwidth, there is plenty of room for all.
The hobby is not growing its shrinking, due to internet etc
The ARRL needs to think more of the (little guy experimenter) than the
companies paying for ad space.

Brad N7RCA


Thanks Charlie

While I do respect the chain of command as a former Air Force Officer, in
this case the ARRL is more like a string of banana's. Have you ever met some
of these Directors and what they call officers. As it says in all the books
on executive leadership, the style, effectiveness and openness of any
organization is a reflection of the leader who is at the top.

Only way to take on this snake is at the head.

All the Best

Ron Weaver   W6OM


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